Antique or classic car insurance

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Low "Collector" Rates
Best of all, we think you will find the cost of this valuable protection to be exceptionally low.


  • Transport car to shows
  • Storage protection
  • 2500 miles travel per year

Policy Features

Agreed Value Coverage - Our policy pays the full insured value of your collector vehicle(s) in the event of total loss. By contrast, regular insurance provides "Actual Cash Value" (ACV) coverage, which is defined as "replacement cost minus depreciation" and may not recognize a collector vehicle's true worth. (Not available in TX or VA.)

Inflation Guard - Our policy recognizes that collector vehicles appreciate in value. Our "Inflation Guard" feature automatically increases vehicle value by 2% each quarter (up to a maximum of 8%), at no additional cost. (Not available in TX or VA.)

Zero Deductible - No deductible on original vehicles. (MA, PA, TX & VA require us to offer deductibles.)

Flexible Usage - Our policy does not have an "attendance" requirement. Insured vehicles may be driven and enjoyed up to 2500 annual miles, so long as they are not used for general transportation.

Spare Parts Coverage - Should damage or loss occur to a classic "spare part," our policy provides up to $500 coverage at no additional cost. (Not available in TX or VA.)

Automatic Coverage for Additions to the Collection - We provide 30 days of automatic coverage (values up to $25,000) for vehicles that are added to your collection during the policy term. (Not available in TX or VA.)

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Antique & Classic Vehicles Insurance

Antique vehicles*Classic Cars*Classic Trucks*Cadillac*Lincoln*Plymouth*Mercury*Imperial
*GMC*Studebaker*El Camino*Chevelle*Falcon
*Ford* Chevy classics*Riviera*Firebird
*Thunderbird*Monte Carlo*Porche*Audi
*Triumph*Grand Prix*Barracuda*Model T*Model A

You name the model, we will find the insurance!


Your collector vehicle (original or modified) may qualify if it is:

  • At least 15 years old*
  • Garage-kept
  • Driven no more than 2,500 annual miles

* In Massachusetts vehicles must be at least 25 years old to qualify.

You may also qualify by:

  • Having at least 10 years driving experience
  • Having at least one "regular" vehicle for every licensed driver in the household

Find Look for California Only Car Insurance Quote

This is an annual policy to cover your antique or collector car.  The policy will cover the car while you transport it or for occasional use typical under 2,500 miles per year.


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