California SR-22 Insurance

Every Day Insurance Services, Inc. can issue an immediate SR-22 filing for someone who has had their license suspended due to a DUI or drunk driving conviction.

The SR-22 filing is proof of insurance that is filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles in California to re-instate a driver's license that has been suspended.

 An example of this would be someone who had a DUI or was involved in an accident and did not have insurance at the time.

Another example of needing an sr22 filing for a suspended license would be if you need an "ignition interlock" due to a second drunk driver conviction.

Let us make sure you are safely insured with an immediate California SR-22 filing if your license has been suspended.
  •     Ignition Interlock
  •     DUI
  •     Drunk Driving
  •     Uninsured motorist accident


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